Wall Mounting Your Own Flat Screen TV Is Simpler Than You Suppose

Wall Mounting Your Own Flat Screen TV Is Simpler Than You Suppose

Let's face it, flat panel HDTVs look cooler when mounted up on the wall versus being sat on a TV console. Wall mounting is also a wonderful option to preserve house by not needing a bulky console on the floor anymore. Nevertheless, lots of HDTV homeowners still shrink back from having their displays wall mounted, even if they wished them that way. One reason is because they're afraid they could tear up their wall with ugly holes and make a mess in the event that they attempt to do the job themselves. One other is that they refuse to pay what it prices to have knowledgeable TV installer mount the TV for them. Nicely on this article I will share with you ways straightforward it's to mount your individual flat panel tv on the wall using a retractable TV nook mount.

Retractable corner mounts are probably the easiest to put in on the wall because they require you to search out just one wall stud wherein to drill your bolts. Others require bolting into two studs, which suggests more measuring and drilling. As soon as installed, corner wall mounts will let you advertjust the TV screen in three dimensions - extending, swiveling and tilting. What makes this doable is a single retractable cantilever arm that holds the tv on the front finish and is connected to the wall mounting plate on the back end. With most models the arm has three pivoting points, which allow you to tilt and turn your HDTV in virtually any direction so that you can get an best deal electronics ideal head-on view of it from any place within the room. Additionally, relying on your seating association, it may be higher to position the TV in a corner of the room as a substitute of mounting it flat on one wall. Retractable TV nook wall mounts help you do just that.

First thing to do is be sure to buy a nook-cantilever TV mounting kit that is suitable with the size and weight of your flat screen television. Then you'll want to gather all the required instruments and supplies for the job, reminiscent of a power drill, drill bit, stud bolts, stud finder, ruler or tape measure, pencil, bubble level, and a Phillip's head screwdriver. After you've executed that and decided where on the wall you need to place the TV, it's time to get to work.

To illustrate you wish to mount your 42-inch flat screen LED near a corner so that you'd be able to tug it out and swing it over into the corner at a 45-degree angle (cater-cornered position). Listed below are eight easy steps to get that TV on the wall in no time.

Step 1. Find the stud closest to the inside of the nook together with your stud finder.

Step 2. Using the mount's wall plate (or paper stencil if equipped) and pencil, mark two spots to your pilot holes. Check that the wall plate or stencil is stage by utilizing the bubble level.

Step 3. Drill pilot holes by way of the wall into the stud at the pencil marks.

Step 4. Attach the mounting brackets or TV mounting plate onto the back panel of your TV using the supplied screws. Always use a screwdriver to tighten, not a power drill.

Step 5. Now it's time to connect your corner mount assembly to the wall. Line up the mounting plate along with your pilot holes, and drill two or more stud bolts via it. Tighten securely.

Step 6. Once the mount meeting is secured to the wall stud, you could hold the TV brackets onto the cantilever arm utilizing the bracket hooks.

Step 7. Now swing the TV over into the corner, forming an ideal triangle with the two adjoining walls. If accomplished properly, your nook mount needs to be utterly hidden behind the tv screen.

Step 8. Voila'! Now all that's left is connecting your TV power cord and audio-video devices, and also you're done.