Sales Motivation In The 2009 Economy

Sales Motivation In The 2009 Economy

Sales motivation in today's economy is more important than ever before. As the economy slows down, so do sales. Unfortunately, most sales people slow down too. Sales people, like the masses, become a product of the environment.

Nonetheless, what do most organizations do when the economy heads south? They cut costs, typically in the wrong areas such as training, sales conferences, coaching and sale personnel. Sales motivation does not exist. They create an environment of uncertainty as well as contributing to and supporting the downfall of the economy.

Somewhere along the way the corporate world must understand that the economic world revolves around sales. There won't be any transactions without sales and consequently, there is no revenue without transactions. Without revenue, organizations cannot survive, and no one would have a job. Sales is the heart of most jobs in an organization.

Sales is by far the most important profession in every organization, in every industry, and in every country in the world. The world revolves around sales. Without sales, the economy dwindles and we head directly into a recession. We cannot stay afloat without sales motivation.

Now is not the time to cut back in sales personnel, sales training, or sales motivation. Now is the time to step up and to increase your sales force or at least, maintain and motivate the present sales force.

Why? It is not considered selling simply by taking orders during a booming economy. It is necessary that organizations have a strong, sales motivational structure during these uncertain times. The sales group must seek out sales transactions even when their prospects are few and far between. There is a definite need to target efforts in a direction that will give you measurable results within a short period of time - R.O.T.I. - Return On Time Invested.

Marketing and prospecting activities need to step up because one must do more to sell and do more to maintain any sales during this uncertain economy.

In order to accomplish all these things and many more that are unlisted, you need a sales motivating environment. You also need a sales motivated Management team to support a motivated sales team.

It is most important to engage, create and maintain a vibrant and sales motivating environment. One in which the sales people and the support team take ownership.

How do you do that?

Your can improve your current environment. Get your team together and engage them in finding the solution. Make it the team's idea and allow them to take ownership and ultimately, make it happen. Now is the time for Management to be the facilitator and/or coach. Help your sales team get where they want to go.

As an expert in motivation, I know you cannot make someone else motivated. Only you can motivate you. Management can simply create an environment in which people motivate themselves.

Any attempt to motivate someone else is considered external motivation. External motivation is temporary and usually doesn't last. However, personal blog; mouse click the up coming web site, or internal motivation is the true and deepest form of motivation. Internal motivation is everlasting.

We must engage teams to challenge themselves and find the solutions. I reiterate the need to create an ideal environment in which motivation comes from within the individual. In turn, that forward moving environment will stem from Management's support and trust in the sales team.

There is an additional challenge. People have a natural tendency to be negative especially during slow or uncertain times. I strongly suggest you turn that negativity into a challenge. Firstly, re-secure your team's trust before moving forward. If the organization has already contributed to cost cutting by eliminating part of the team and/or the sales training and conferences; then, involve the remaining team to work on the solutions.

They must believe in themselves and the future of the organization. Management can turn a negative into a positive with the right perspective and discipline. Move sales motivation to the front of the class and don't ignore the possibilities of positive reinforcement.