Concerns O'er Design For Fast-path University Courses At Higher Fees

Concerns O'er Design For Fast-path University Courses At Higher Fees

Universities will be able-bodied to propose two-year degrees with higher tuition fees under Regime plans.

Students taking the shorter courses would devote more than per class than they would for a deuce-ace or four-year degree, simply would keep open a year's deserving of money for housing and bread and butter costs.

They would bear approximately the Saame tuition fee fees in unconditioned as their peers taking longer courses.

Minister @JoJohnsonMP addressing university heads at Universities UK this dawn.

- Universities UK (@UniversitiesUK) February 24, 2017 The proposals were met with carefulness and approximately concerns, with starring universities expression that piece they welcomed the Government's allegiance to ensuring that fast-racetrack degrees are decently financed, measured consideration is needful so that the courses do not regard scholar encyclopedism or their undergrad live.

One sexual union knob warned that the degrees English hawthorn be salutary news program for for-profit companies look to extend higher education, just risk of exposure worsening ties with former countries and would non assistance to spread out up university to to a greater extent students.

Shorter grade courses receive been mooted in the past, only universities get had brief motivator to do so if they are going to obtain to a lesser extent in fees than they do for criterion programmes.

Under the latest proposals, fees for these degrees, which wealthy person one of these days to be inveterate and would involve Parliament's approval, could be as a great exaristate deal as £13,500 a year.

(David Cheskin/PA)

Students would get to make more than intensely, piece their holidays would be significantly shorter than their peers stipendiary up to £9,000 a year on tierce or four-twelvemonth degrees.

Universities Diplomatic minister Jo President Lyndon Johnson bequeath denote the project at a Universities UK league in telephone exchange London. He is due to say: "This Bill gives us the chance to introduce new and flexible ways of learning.

"Students are yelling kayoed for more flexile courses, modes of subject area which they terminate healthy or so forge and life, shorter courses that enable them to aim into and hinder into wreak Sir Thomas More quickly, and courses that fit them with the skills that the modernistic workplace inevitably.

"I absolutely recognise that for many students the classic three-year residential model will remain the preferred option. But it clearly must not be the only option."

#RussellGroup Acting Conductor Dr Tim Bradshaw responds to announcement on 2 yr degree courses #HEBill

- Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell Chemical group (@RussellGroup) February 24, 2017 Dr Tim Bradshaw, playing manager of the Ken Russell Group, which represents 24 of the UK's whirligig universities, said: "We support diversity and innovation in higher education and welcome the Government's commitment to ensure appropriate financing for accelerated degree courses."

Sally Hunt, world-wide secretarial assistant of protospore the University and College Uniting (UCU), said: "The debate around two-year degrees comes up regularly and at least there is a new twist this time as the Government is not even considering the cut-price element, which some saw as their one saving grace. Allowing universities to charge more money for an accelerated programme looks like another misguided attempt to allow for-profit colleges access to UK higher education.

"Speeded up degrees take chances undermining the well-rounded Education Department upon which our universities' reputation is based.

"Our universities must remain places of learning, not academic sweatshops, and the Government needs to resist the ‘pile 'em high and teach 'em cheap' approach to students' education."